Cities of Israel: where to go in 2022

Vacation at sea at least once a year is a must for city dwellers, and three seas are better than one. The coasts of Israel are located on the Red, Dead and Mediterranean seas, there are plenty to choose from! As well as delicious food, canyons, hot springs and the incredible cultural diversity of Jerusalem – there is no reason not to go to Israel.  

Entry and documents 

Citizens of the Russian Federation do not need a visa to enter Israel, a valid passport is sufficient, with which you can stay in the country for a total of 90 days in six months. COVID certificates and test results are no longer required for entry. 

Cities of Israel: where to go in 2022

< i>Tel Aviv, Israel


Direct flight for June from Moscow to Tel Aviv and back will cost 120,000 rubles per adult. But you can save half if you fly with transfers.  You can buy tickets for autumn even cheaper: the beach season in Israel lasts from April to the end of October, and in autumn tickets with transfers will cost you from 40,000 rubles round trip. 

Food and prices

 Cities of Israel: where to go in 2022

The famous hummus is the star of Israeli cuisine

Israeli cuisine is varied and rich in vegetables and legumes, and most dishes are suitable for vegetarians. There are two main branches of Israeli cuisine: Sephardic and Ashkenazi. The main dishes in the first are mincemeat, liver pate and varieties of chicken broth, and the second is fresh vegetables and fruits, legumes and an abundance of greens. A real shakshuka – scrambled eggs with tomatoes for breakfast will cost you 30-40 shekels, which is about 500-600 rubles.

For an average dinner for two in a restaurant, you will pay about 4,000 rubles, which is about 200 shekels. Half a liter of water in the store costs around 150 rubles. 



Cities of Israel: where to go in 2022

Elaith Beaches< /i>

Eilat is the hottest region in Israel, with almost no rainfall. It is a mecca for divers and snorkelers. Here, on the coast of the Red Sea, there is a nature reserve full of unexpected wonders – coral reefs, colorful fish and numerous hiking trails. And, of course, the Red Canyon with its Martian landscapes and a free circular trail. 

If you prefer an active and carefree holiday, take a look at Dekel Beach with its noisy parties and DJ sets. 


Cities of Israel: where to go in 2022

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Jerusalem is the center of three world religions

An ancient city, a pilgrimage destination for people from all over the world. Jerusalem can be reached by high-speed train, car or bus. The city has Christian, Muslim, Jewish and Armenian quarters and they are all very different in atmosphere, architecture and iconic places. The center of the Christian quarter is the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, the Jewish – & nbsp; the famous Wailing Wall. 

Surprisingly, the Jerusalem Zoo is home to animals mentioned in Scripture. 


Cities of Israel: where to go in 2022

Jaffa and its incomparable atmosphere

< /i>

Jaffa –  it is a port in the suburbs of Tel Aviv with a very special vibe: seascapes, narrow streets and inviting smells from fish restaurants. You can easily walk here from the center of Tel Aviv in about an hour and a half, or you can take a taxi or take a bus. Jaffa is a place with a lot of history, but destruction and war left a very modest architectural legacy. However, this is offset by a special port atmosphere, a flea market and an unforgettable cuisine. This place is perfect for street food lovers, try masabacha or msabbaha —  a kind of hummus. 


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Slopes Haifa

A city in northern Israel, famous primarily for the biblical Mount Carmel. But not only for her sake it is worth going here. The largest natural park is located here, and the beaches have clean sand and blue water. Business districts, protected areas with rare plant species and bustling markets are mixed here. And from the Galilee mountains you can observe the bay in between hiking or cycling. 

Holidays in Israel can be tailored to your interests or include all types of activities at once: from excursions to sacred places to scuba diving and noisy disco on the beach – this is what this small but diverse country is valuable for tourists . 

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