Choosing the fastest line in the supermarket: 9 ways

Choosing the fastest queue at the supermarket: 9 ways

Running to the store after work or going shopping on the weekend can take forever to stand at the checkout. To spend as little time as possible on this, it is important to choose the right queue.

1. Stand behind a person with a full cart

It will seem paradoxical, but the seller will serve one buyer with a large number of goods faster than several who leave the store lightly. A lot of time is spent on greetings, farewells and settlements: looking for cash or cards, including discount ones. To break through one product, the seller spends an average of 3 seconds and about 40 seconds for all other manipulations with each buyer. Therefore, serving one person with 100 items will take less time than four with 20. There are studies that prove that Americans spend 37 billion hours a year in queues.

2. Go left

Most people automatically go right when choosing a queue because they are right-handed. Lines to the left are shorter on average.

3. Choose a cashier

Not all cashiers work equally fast, some like to chat with customers, comment on products, or are just leisurely. If you see such a seller, go to another one.

4. Study the composition of the queue and baskets

Serving older people often takes longer: they cannot always quickly pay and add up purchases. Therefore, if you are in a hurry, avoid queues with older customers.

Identical goods break through faster than different ones. If fruits and vegetables are weighed at the checkout in a store, you should also pay attention to their presence in the basket. 6 surefire ways to quickly get alcohol at a bar.

5. Choose a queue leading to multiple cashiers

Some stores have queues leading to multiple cashiers. They move much faster, so it's best to get up in them. Well, the question of choosing a cashier disappears by itself – then how lucky.

6. Queue speed

Sometimes, for no apparent reason, one queue moves faster than the other, and it can be longer. Watch, perhaps you will spend more time in a short queue. “Why do they suffer so much”: foreigners — about Russian cuisine.

7. The cashier must see you

If there is any barrier that prevents the cashier from seeing the entire line, then he will have no reason to hurry.

8. Make it easier for the cashier

Put all goods up with a barcode; remove clothes from hangers and put labels out so that the cashier can quickly scan the price tags.

9. Waiting is not so terrible

Should I be nervous about a few extra minutes spent in line? In fact, we don't spend much time on it. There are studies proving that people subjectively estimate the waiting time to be 36% longer than it actually is. Therefore, think of an activity for yourself: a smartphone, chatting with other customers, listening to audiobooks, thinking about plans – pass the time to good use.

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