China eases sanctions on international flights due to COVID-19

China eases sanctions against international flights due to COVID-19

Authorities China has changed the so-called mechanism for automatic admission of airlines to their airports. The period of forced downtime has been reduced to one week.

Recall that if five carriers of the infection, or 4 percent of the total number of arriving passengers, are found on board a foreign carrier, its flights are automatically suspended for one week.

Airplanes that arrive with 8 percent of sick people mean for the airline to cancel them for two weeks. This is stated in a statement posted on the website of the Civil Aviation Administration of China.

According to the text of the statement, the innovations are aimed at “restoring air traffic between China and foreign countries, as well as foreign exchange and cooperation”, in the same time “scientifically and accurately” while adhering to epidemic prevention and control measures. 

In June, China halved the quarantine time for incoming travelers, the biggest change in its COVID-19 policy. The pandemic has left the world's second largest economy isolated, but despite this, the country's authorities continue to try to eliminate the virus completely.

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