Cheap and cheerful: a review of the rest in the Turkish hotel Ladonia Breeze Beach

Cheap and cheerful: a review of the rest in the Turkish hotel Ladonia Breeze Beach

“Have not been on vacation since the pandemic. Our trip to Turkey was canceled, the money remained on the deposit. We planned to rest on them in a good hotel in Bodrum, but that was almost 3 years ago! We did not want to change the resort, we just chose a simpler hotel, much simpler. We came to the agency with a request to book Ladonia Breeze Beach 4 * for us. Now I regret that we did not listen to the manager, who offered other options. For example, take a better hotel, but only for breakfast, or the second line, or even a few kilometers from the sea, but with a stunning view from the hill. However, we were sure that we had found the best option and we knew everything ourselves!”

What you liked and what you didn't – in the review of the reader of “Subtleties” Ekaterina Yesepova.

Hotel, beach, entertainment

Of the advantages of this hotel is the beach, for such a price (76 thousand for two) it is difficult to find the first line in Bodrum. The beach is clean, well-groomed, with beautiful views, a very picturesque place. Swimming is cold, very cold – the Aegean is much colder than the Mediterranean. Enough only to dip after a few hours of sunbathing.

The hotel has two pools, but they are with ice water, it is unpleasant to even plunge into them, plus a lot of bleach.

The rooms are very old, the plumbing is rusty. Room cleaning is “on demand” but these guys still need to be caught. It is useless to leave a request for reception.1/1

About food and animation

The food is fresh, but the choice is small. Alcohol is only local, but my husband and I drink only beer, and here it is delicious. Between meals there are snacks, afternoon tea, sweets, sandwiches and night soup. It is peculiar in Turkey, such a starchy sour broth without anything, called tarhanaMy stomach doesn't take it at all.

The staff is polite, but lazy, often they swear by their mother to solve everything, and then disappear. You rest almost on your own, there is no entertainment at all. From 9:00 to 23:00, music is played by the pool and in the cafe, always Turkish.1/1

Shops, restaurants, money, attractions

Location is convenient: 10 minutes to Bodrum. We decided not to bother much, not to demand the impossible from this hotel and not to spoil our nerves. They just went to the beach more often, admired the local views, visited the sights. There are no problems with payments at all, the Mir card is accepted in most restaurants and shops, withdrawing cash is also not a problem.

Bodrum is Turkish Greece! Very atmospheric cafes, windmills, snow-white houses on a turquoise-emerald background.

There is a lot of food, large dishes, fish or meat, feel free to take one for two. Large selection of budget snacks. Many different and cozy cafes, I wanted to eat in all, we regretted that we took all-inclusive (better to Antalya after him).1/1

Excursions were not taken, the car was also rented. By public transport traveled all nearby towns! At our side we have the party Gumbet, the beautiful and picturesque Bitez, the Turkish St. Tropez Yalikavak. We visited the castle of St. Peter, the Museum of Underwater Archeology, the gates of Myndos, climbed to the famous windmills of Bodrum. Among the tourists there are two-thirds of the Turks, there are very few Russians, mostly Germans and French. In local cafes, English is not very popular, they mastered the basic phrases in Turkish in a week.


An amazing region, we will definitely return, but this time we will listen to the agency manager. Hotel Ladonia Breeze Beach 4 * is suitable for those who will spend most of their time in the city or by the sea. Do not take food, not even breakfast. I wish you all a good vacation and a quick meeting with the sea!

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