Cayman Islands eases entry rules for vaccinated travelers

The Cayman Islands have simplified entry rules for vaccinated travelers

According to official information from the government of the Cayman Islands, this Caribbean the island no longer requires testing for COVID-19, both before and after arrival.

Previously, the Cayman Islands required tourists to be tested the day before the trip, and then several more times after arrival.&nbsp ;

Anyone who intends to holiday in the Cayman Islands must still apply through the Travel Cayman portal and receive a travel certificate. For vaccinated travelers, the application deadline — at least 72 hours before departure, while for the unvaccinated, including children, — five days in advance. 

Tourists must also have valid medical insurance covering the risks of COVID-19.

Cruise ship passengers do not need to fill out application forms, and those who have Cayman Islands business or real estate, you are allowed not to be vaccinated.

Meanwhile, the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism strongly recommends taking rapid tests every day for the first seven days of the trip.

The island has joined several others destinations in the Caribbean that have relaxed or removed entry rules related to COVID-19. Earlier this month, the Bahamas also canceled all pre-arrival testing for vaccinated travelers, and the British Virgin Islands stopped requiring travelers to register on its BVI Gateway travel portal and show insurance, regardless of vaccination status. Saint Lucia has also canceled testing for vaccinated travelers, while Grenada, Aruba and Bonaire have gone a step further by lifting pandemic-related restrictions.

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