Catch a wave: where to surf in Russia

Surfing has long ceased to be just a sport for many active Russians. For connoisseurs, this is a philosophy, a lifestyle, a way of thinking.. 

People go to Bali, Portugal, California, Hawaii to surf. The beautiful weather allows skiing all year round. In the context of the pandemic and the closure of borders, skiing in the usual places has become impossible. And this is good, because when one door closes, another one will open. It turns out that in Russia there are also worthy spots for skiing. I made a selection of the five most popular surf spots for different tastes and budgets, so that there are chop, and swell, and long “beds of waves”, and even pipes.

1. Kaliningrad Region 

The strength of the waves in the Baltic Sea is less than in the ocean. If you wear a wetsuit, then you can ride here all year round.

The period of storm activity: spring, autumn. At this time, the waves can reach a height of 8-10 meters. Water temperature from April to September up to +19 °С, from October to March up to +1 °С.

Catch the wave: where to surf in Russia

Surfing in Pionerskoye. Photo by @surfkld on Instagram

Surf SpotsZelenogradsk, Svetlogorsk, Pionersky.

Spot type: beach break. 

Schools: SerferBalt, Eye of the Wind surf station, BALTIC SUP&SURF.

Types: classic surfing, wind surfing, surfskate, SUP surfing, kite surfing. 

Catch the wave: where to ride surfing in Russia

Prices for a two-hour lesson for an adult from 2000 rubles, for a child from 1600 rubles. The price includes rent of a board, suit, instructor's work, photo and video shooting. You can buy a subscription, a gift certificate.

Catch the wave: where to surf in Russia

Zelenogradsk. Photo by @kuzmenkovmaksim on Instagram

The Baltic Sea is characterized by discontinuous currents that prevent a person from returning to the shore, carry him to the open sea. Most often they are in Baltiysk. Spoiler – you can get out of them, if you don't panic, even if you've swept far away, go with the flow along the coast and slowly return to the coast. 

2. St. Petersburg   

The main places for skiing are the Gulf of Finland and Lake Ladoga.

The season is from June to September, but some ski until there is no ice. In summer, the water warms up to +17 °C, in winter to +1 °C. 

Surf spots: Solnechny (Laskovoy beach), Cape Flotsky, Lake Ladoga. 

Surfing on Laskovoy is more suitable for beginners. Sandy bottom, no strong currents. The beach has a cafe, parking and toilets.

Catch the wave: where to ride surfing in Russia

p. Sunny Photo by @soulponcho on Instagram

Pros ride on Flotsky. It is more difficult due to rocks and boulders on the bottom, a strong side current and a long line-up. It is better to ride with a westerly wind. There is no infrastructure here. From the city by car you will have to get more & nbsp; two hours. 

Spot type: beach break (Laskovy), reef break (Cape Flotsky)

Schools:Surf school “OnegoSurf – Russian surfing”, surf station “Green House”, surf school and surf camp “Surf Holidays”. 

Views< /i>: classic surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing. 

Price per lesson on average 3500 rubles, rental – 1500 rubles (hydrik + board ).

Catch the wave: where to surf in Russia

The waves in St. Petersburg are always windy. And they are really “caught”: they study wind forecast sites. The correct forecast happens in 1-2 days. The forecast can be viewed at,,, 

3. The Black Sea coast

Surfing on the Black Sea is possible all year round, but the best waves are from November to March, during storms. 

In summer, windsurfing, SUP, kitesurfing are more common. The infrastructure of beach recreation is well developed on the Black Sea coast, recreation centers offer accommodation and conditions (training, skiing, sailing and yachtsmen.rokat) for surfing. 

Maximum water temperature since May to October to +27 °С, from November to April to +3 °С. 

Catch the wave: where to surf in Russia

Crimea, Olenevka village. Photo by @crazysurf_center on Instagram 

Surf spots:Crimea – the village of Primorsky, the village of Olenevka, Cape Kazantip. Gelendzhik (Gardens of the Seas beach), Anapa (Malaya Bukhta). 

Spot type: beach break

Schools: FUN AQUA, Surf Jazz Club, Anapa Surfing. 

Prices on average from 1200 rubles for two hours of skiing. 

My acquaintance with surf took place on the Black Sea in the city of Gelendzhik. The person I rented from turned out to be a surf coach. On the day we met, I already learned the basics of skating. First there was a lesson on land – theory, warm-up, getting to know the board, then at sea. The feeling of standing on the board and swimming hardly overshadows the pain of hips scratched by stones, so I recommend wearing lycra and leggings at least for the first time.

Catch the wave: where to surf in Russia

Sochi annually hosts the Russian Surfing Championship, and Anapa hosts the Black Sea Cup among windsurfers and kitesurfers. 

4. Kamchatka

Here you can surf on real ocean waves. You can ride all year round, but for beginners it is better to try in the summer. Adults and children surf in Kamchatka, but there are no mass gatherings of people. Choose your wetsuit and go!

Cold water enhances the thrill of riding, even experienced surfers can be interested. 

The water temperature from May to October is up to +13 °С, from November to April it drops to 0 °С.  

Catch the wave: where to surf in Russia

Khalaktyrsky beach. Photo by @marusyaandreevna on Instagram

Surf spots: Khalaktyrsky beach. 


Spot type: beach break. 

Price. The lesson costs from 2900 rubles for 2 hours. Rent from 1000 rubles. 

You can come to the surf camp for 56,700 rubles for 7 days. They also offer excursions for an additional fee.

Catch the wave: where to ride surfing in Russia

It's better not to take a board with you, but to rent it – it's cheaper. Transportation of surf equipment by Aeroflot costs an average of 10,000 rubles in both directions, and rental   – 1,000 rubles.                                                            


5. Vladivostok

The Far East is the capital of surfing in Russia. There are versions that the first competitions were held here and the first schools were opened.

They ride here all year round, but the best waves come in spring, late summer and autumn.

Water temperature during the period from September to May up to 21 °С, in winter it drops to 0 °С. Professional surfers practice arctic-surf here.

Catch the wave: where to ride surfing in Russia

Patrokl Bay. Photo by @sashokdv on Instagram 

Schools: Swell surf camp, Calm Zone surf station, surf -school Chaika Club. 

Spots:Cape Akhlestysheva, Patrokl Bay, Sivuchya Bay, Ulysses Bay, Shield Bay, about. Reinecke.

Spot type: reef break (Patrokl Bay), beach break (Ulysses Bay and Shchitovaya Bay ). 

Price Lesson from 2500 rubles for 1.5-2 hours.

For skiing in cold water you need a good wetsuit. 

6/5/4 mm is suitable for spring and autumn., hood, boots, gloves, 3/2 mm can be used in summer. and ride without a hood and gloves.

If you decide to do arctic-surf, take a wetsuit 6 mm., boots 8 mm., 8 mm hood and mittens. 

Catch the wave: where to surf in Russia

It is better to take a wetsuit with a zipper on the shoulders, as less water gets into it, its price is higher than that of the same with a zipper on the back. The seams of the suit should be well taped, especially in the lower part.


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