Can cut flowers be transported in the cabin of an aircraft, and how exactly?

Can cut flowers be transported in the cabin, and how exactly?

Firstly, it is not always allowed to transport live plants on an airplane — it all depends on where you are heading. Europe — this is not a problem, but countries such as the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand have very strict import regulations for perishable goods. The reason is that flowers and other plants have diseases, microscopic mites live on them, etc. Importing freshly cut flowers into these countries is out of the question, customs will confiscate and dispose of them on arrival without talking. Bouquets with a special medical certificate — you can take them with you to these countries.

How do you keep the flowers beautiful while in transit?

Tip #1: Prevent dehydration.

If you are only on the road for a few minutes, this is not such a problem. But if the journey is long,  it is necessary to keep the flowers moist. Wrap damp kraft paper around the bottom of the flower stems and secure the plastic bag with a loose elastic band.

If you're walking with a bunch of flowers, hold it tight and be careful not to shake the flowers too hard. Hold the bouquet upside down so they get as little sunlight as possible. If it's windy outside, try to cover the flowers with your body. So you prolong their youth and beauty.

If you need to transport flowers in a car, first of all make sure that the air flow from the air conditioner is not directed at the bouquet. When the flowers are in a draft, they dry out quickly. The best place to transport flowers — trunk. There is no air conditioning or ventilation here. Another suitable place — on the floor mat at the front passenger's feet. Make sure the airflow is not directed towards them. In general, the main thing is that the flowers are not in sunlight and in a draft.

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