British Airways stops selling short-haul flights

British Airways has stopped selling tickets for short-haul flights

For domestic flights between cities in the UK and Europe, departing from Heathrow airport, it is almost impossible to buy a ticket. Reason — a restriction imposed by British Airways on the sale of most short destinations of less than three hours. They promise to remove it on Monday. “Sanctions” do not apply to Manchester, Paris, Berlin, Madrid and Zurich.

Recall that after Heathrow set a daily limit on the departure of passengers in the amount of 100,000 people until September 11, the British carrier expressed dissatisfaction, but promised to accept measures.

With the growth of explosive demand from passengers after two years of the pandemic, neither Heathrow (as, indeed, some other European airports), nor airlines, including British Airways, could cope. Both laid off thousands of employees during the height of COVID-19.

This summer, Heathrow has been the scene of tourist chaos, with long lines at security checks and technical problems with the luggage system leading to a huge number of lost and unclaimed suitcases.

Last month, the airport issued an apology to travelers who had to reschedule or cancel their flights due to poor service.

BA initially canceled 10,300 flights until October in response to restrictions imposed by Heathrow for passengers.

The daily passenger flow limit at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol has also been extended until October.

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