Boeing intends to resume deliveries of its 787 Dreamliners soon

Boeing intends to resume deliveries of its 787 Dreamliners soon

Aerospace giant co headquartered in Chicago, as of today, has a debt to customers in the amount of 120 Dreamliners. The problems began after the FAA suspended new deliveries in May 2021 due to design flaws found in the aircraft and concerns about the acceptance process of the aircraft by Boeing experts themselves.

In recent weeks, Boeing representatives have openly stated, that the manufacturer is close to getting FAA approval to resume deliveries and production of its 787. The first Dreamliner to roll off the production line after the pause is expected to go to American Airlines.

the elimination of the found shortcomings is already close, and everything is ready for the release of new cars.

Experts note that even after receiving official approval, Boeing it will take some time to gain momentum and it could be months before the manufacturer can increase production to five Dreamliners a month as planned.

Boeing has already suffered $3.5 billion in damages as a result of the program suspension 787, but there may be additional costs of $1 billion needed to correct manufacturing deficiencies.

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