Belgium has finally lifted all restrictions to combat COVID-19

Belgium has finally lifted all restrictions to combat COVID-19

< p>Firstly, the authorities opened the borders for non-essential travel to travelers from countries outside the European Union. Secondly, EU citizens can now freely enter Belgium without having to confirm vaccinations or tests, fill out “passenger search forms”.

At the same time, Belgian Prime Minister Alexandre De Cros recalled that every rule has exceptions. For tourists from countries of suspicion and concern, strict rules and restrictions will continue to apply. True, it was not said which countries were in question.

In addition to the entry rules, Belgium also canceled all requirements for wearing masks in public places, with the exception of hospitals and pharmacies.

Recall , a number of other countries across Europe have recently reopened to international tourists, including the UK, Austria, Greece, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Croatia, Lithuania, Sweden, Serbia, Slovenia and Slovakia.

News from Belgium came next a day after Spain eased restrictions on third-party travelers countries. Unvaccinated foreigners will be allowed entry on the condition that they present a negative PCR or antigen test result upon arrival.

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