Bad holiday in Turkey for good money: no peace, no peace, no normal bed

Bad vacation in Turkey for good money: no peace, no peace, no normal bed

“The vacation was long-awaited: the tour was postponed several times, the money was on deposit with the tour operator for more than a year. We were supposed to fly to Greece, but we had to take what we have. For a trip for two, we paid 154 thousand for 9 nights, the Larissa Mare Beach 4 * hotel in Beldibi. Maybe for someone this is not much money, but a year ago we planned to have a two-week vacation in Rhodes, and this amount is tangible for our budget.” Was the rest of the reader of “Subtleties” Olga successful? Guess the name.

Back to news | What was the problem, they did not understand when our turn came, all the checks went quickly. The bus was already in the parking lot, but we sat there for another hour, as we were waiting for another flight. For the organization of the transfer and the competence of the guide – a big minus for the tour operator.

The road from the airport is only an hour, and as many as three stops at shops along the way.

There was no travel information, the accompanying guide just drove silently, but upon arrival he nevertheless raised his voice and offered to pass on the fare “to whom it is not a pity.”

The return flight also failed

In the hotel, he immediately evaporated, we also never saw any representatives of the tour operator. The return flight was delayed for 4 hours, other vacationers warned in advance (a conscientious manager from Moscow called someone), but they evicted from the room at 12:00, all the benefits of the hotel can no longer be used either: from now on, bars and restaurants are not about you honor.

Hotel, food, beach

There will be no peace and quiet here. There is practically no animation in the Larissa Mare Beach 4 * hotel itself, but it is sandwiched between other larger complexes, and music is always yelling there (different from all sides), foam parties and contests are held.

The rooms are old, we were settled on the ground floor, people always walked under the windows. The soundproofing is terrible, you could hear the neighbors flushing the toilet and washing in the shower.

We requested a room with one large bed, they gave us three single beds.

As the manager said, all requests are purely advisory in nature, and we still have to be pleased that we were settled in a triple room without additional payment. By the way, there is no phone in it: if you need something, you will have to stomp to the administrator.

Before you deal with your question, you will first be told about all paid services, massages, hammams, excursions, and then they will listen. By the way, there are free hours for visiting the hammam, but, of course, no one reports this. The food is normal, there are no snacks like burgers, pizza and other fast food, but there are always soups, salads, pastries and fruits. Alcohol of dubious quality, you can drink safely only canned beer (“Efes”), the rest is all of an incomprehensible origin. Well, you can also drink brandy, it is here in small bottles in the original packaging. 1/1

Pools and beach

The pools are very heavily chlorinated, after swimming there were rashes and red eyes. The staff explains that in August all hotels increase the proportion of chlorine, as now is the peak of the spread of intestinal infection. From 22:00 to 6:00 it is forbidden to swim, but I do not advise you to climb into the pool before lunch at least.

The beach is not normally equipped, we always went to the sites of neighboring hotels. The sea is clean, warm and calm, but rocky entry, the stones are very slippery. It is better to enter from the bridge, but this is for those who swim confidently.

Vacationers are nice people, I have not met boors or drunken brawlers. Mostly pensioners from the CIS countries and Russia. There are few children, if they are, then their grandmother is always with them, and everything is strict with the grandmother, the children did not rush about and did not interfere with other vacationers.

Where were

We went to Kemer for shopping, on excursions (we took it from agencies in the city). Bargain: You can easily lower the price. We did not meet any negative, everyone will help, prompt and advise. I liked the atmosphere in the city, the nature is beautiful, you can find a snack for any budget, they treat you with fruits in the market. We took a taxi back to the hotel, got a very polite driver, helped with the packages, told a lot of interesting stories. We will definitely return to Turkey, but I do not recommend the Larissa Mare Beach hotel. You can go, but if the tour is very budget. It's not worth the money we paid.

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