Authorities fight crazy prices for beer and snacks at New York airports

Authorities crack down on crazy beer and snack prices at NYC airports

An investigation by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which oversees Kennedy (JFK), La Guardia (LGA) and Newark Liberty (EWR) airports, found that many beer and food items are sold in the terminals travelers on “completely unjustified” prices. For example, $27.85 is asking for a glass of Sam Adams Summer Ale Draft. A serving of french fries costs 11, and a glass of orange juice — $4.

The Office of the Inspector General of Airports has launched a months-long investigation into alleged price gouging. The agency's report concluded that the OTG supplier violated pricing policy by mistakenly doubling the markup.

Now, under the new standards, three New York/New Jersey airports set maximum allowable prices for food and drinks, corresponding to local “street prices”. Only a maximum surcharge of 10 percent is allowed.

In addition to price caps, airports will offer customers less expensive meals and drinks.

The Port Authority is urging anyone traveling through one of the three major airports in the region, to report any suspicion of price gouging, reporting it through the agency's social networks: “If you see something wrong, don't be silent!”

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