Austrian Airlines auctioned economy class seats

Austrian Airlines auctioned economy class seats

The starting price for a two-seater set of seats was 240 euros , and triple — 360. As of the end of last week, bids at the unusual auction ranged from 650 to 1,100 euros. The highest lot — for the cart — 240 euros, with a starting price of 50 euros.

The auction, which is open to all comers, will take place on May 21 on the website of the Austrian auction firm Aurena, with the proceeds going to Nachbar in Not, a non-profit organization that provides humanitarian assistance needy.

The opportunity to place a bet and join the history of aviation will be available later this year. on a piece of aviation history later that year. On October 13-15, Airbus will auction almost 500 items that previously belonged to one of the first flying aircraft, the A380 tail number MSN13. The auction will take place in Toulouse, France, as well as online.

Not only will the lights, seats and handrails go under the hammer, but the orange flight suit worn by Claude Lelay, one of two test pilots who flight tested the A380s in 2005 before the aircraft entered commercial service.

The money raised from this auction will go towards financing several charitable projects, as well as supporting AIRitage — French organization dedicated to the preservation of the historical heritage of aviation. 

The auction gives aviation enthusiasts the opportunity to collect interior parts without intermediaries, but there are other ways to “get” old aircraft parts for home or office decor.

Turkish company Skyart has three business lines: it supplies entire sections of the cabin, which are used for training flight attendants, and also serves the film and advertising industries by organizing film sets for aviation theme. In addition, Skyart's in-house design team has developed a range of furniture concepts such as the Volant chair — an economy class seat modified into an office chair on wheels, and a host of other custom-made décor items.

In the UK, brothers Ben and Harry Tucker also take apart old planes and turn the wreckage into designer pieces of furniture that they sell under the Plane Industries brand.

Located near the historic city of Bath in England, Tuckers is distinguished by its proximity to two UK aircraft recycling depots, Cotswolds Private Airport in England and St. Athan in Wales.

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