Australian woman fined $2,664 for missing Subway sandwich

Australian fined $2 664 for missing Subway sandwich

Australian fined $2 664 for half-eaten Subway sandwich

Jessica Lee, 19, said she was fined for not declaring two ingredients in a typical store-bought sandwich to customs when she was returning to Australia from Europe.

She was fined $2,664 as a result . Angry at the government, Jessica nevertheless admitted that it was her own fault

She explained that she bought herself a Subway Club during a stopover at the Singapore airport, as she was hungry after an 11-hour flight.


She ate half of the sandwich and saved the rest for her second flight to Perth.

But in the end, she didn't eat the other half and completely forgot that she was supposed to include the chicken with lettuce on her customs declaration. It was only necessary to put a tick in the form opposite the “chicken”; and lettuce.

Australia has strict biosecurity laws to prevent the entry of alien plants, animals, bacteria and other diseases.

Travelers must tick off the forms if they are bringing food and hand the forms over to customs.

Another option is to drop the food in special containers at the terminal in front of customs.

The Australian Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry says: “Our biosecurity system works both at the border and here at home to prevent and respond to the emergence and spread of harmful pests and diseases. These pests and diseases can undermine our agricultural industry, our natural environment and our national economy. Foods and ingredients that do not meet our biosecurity standards, or where compliance cannot be proven, are common and high-risk sources of these threats.

Australia — is not the only country with harsh fines for travelers.

Last year, 41 holidaymakers were fined up to €3,000 each for trying to smuggle sand and shells from beaches in Sardinia out of Italy.

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