Australia on September 9 will cancel masks on planes and reduce the duration of quarantine on the ground

Australia will cancel masks on planes on September 9 and shorten the quarantine period on the ground

Along with lifting the rules on wearing masks, political leaders have agreed to reduce the isolation period in case of COVID-19 infection from the current seven days to five.

Both changes will take effect from September 9th. As of this date, Australia will no longer have any travel restrictions imposed during the pandemic. It's unbelievable as the country has had some of the strictest regulations in the world for more than two years.

Qantas has already allowed passengers not to wear masks on international flights to countries where masks are not required by law. law. However, passengers are still required to be protected on all international flights to Australia, as well as on all domestic routes. 

In recent months, a confusing situation has developed: wearing masks at airports was canceled back in June, but as soon as passengers boarded the aircraft, “turned on”; mask mode. Many still cannot understand why masks are still required on planes, because the risk of infection transmission on board is really low. However, it is understandable that some passengers will still take out a mask once in the cabin, only now voluntarily.

Singapore surprised analysts last week by refusing to wear masks. On the contrary, the German government has extended this anti-covid measures until at least April 2023.

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