Ashikaga is the perfect getaway for a long May weekend

Ashikaga — is the perfect getaway for a long May weekend

You can get here from the center of Tokyo in just a couple of hours via the Tobu Railway. This is the perfect place for a long weekend, no matter the season. Ashikaga with a world-class ceramics museum, contemporary art galleries, magnificent parks, a food festival and even its own winery — this is the right place for adults to visit at least once in a lifetime.

Sakura — cherry blossom — probably the first flower that comes to mind when you think of Japan, but fuji wisteria are even more beautiful. Associated with love and longevity, these romantic, falling blossoms are a staple of Japanese traditional aesthetics, appearing in poetry, prints, and kimono patterns.

Japan's most stunning display of wisteria can be seen at the Great Wisteria Festival

strong>at Ashikaga Flower Park from April 16 to May 22, 2022. Visitors can admire the park's 160-year-old giant wisteria in bloom and walk through the 80-meter wisteria tunnel, as well as see a variety of other blooming seasonal plants, including Japanese azaleas and peonies. In the evening, the wisteria is beautifully illuminated.

Beautiful Food Festival Bishoku in Ashikaga — Ashikaga Bishoku Festival.

Bishoku — literally “beautiful food,” and the Ashikaga Bishoku Festival, which began in February and runs through May 8, — it's a chance to taste the region's best seasonal produce.

Sponsored by local farm food brand Ashikaga Bijin, the festival brought together more than 30 local cafes and restaurants, each serving a specialty bishoku dish made with tomatoes, asparagus and strawberries. From creamy strawberry daifuku (sweet rice cake) to pizza with sakura shrimp, asparagus and whole tomatoes served in dashi broth. All dishes are created by locals.  

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