Another treasure trove of ancient bronze statues and sarcophagi discovered in Egypt

Another treasure trove of ancient bronze statues and sarcophagi discovered in Egypt

A whole collection of ancient statues made of bronze, and with them — well-preserved sarcophagi were discovered by archaeologists. The settlement of Saqqara, where the excavations were carried out, is located 25 km south of Cairo. This is one of the largest archaeological sites in the region and the largest burial complex in Egypt.

During the history of excavations, archaeologists have found here many relics belonging to Egyptian dynasties buried in the Saqqara necropolis in the distant past.  But the current, latest find has revolutionized archeology: this is the first and largest burial of bronze statues in the area from a much later period — around the 5th century BC.

The discovered 150 statues copy the images of the gods of the pharaohs, including the patron of funeral rituals Anubis, the god of medicine and vegetation, Nefertum, and the god of the sun and air, Amon.

They were discovered by the Egyptian archaeological mission, which has been working here since 2018.

Scientists have also discovered bronze pots believed to have been used during prayer rituals in honor of the goddess of womanhood and motherhood, Isis.

The mummies are well preserved in 250 colored wooden sarcophagi. Wooden statues and masks painted with gold paint, dozens of figurines of cats were also found.

One of the most significant finds of — a cache of New Kingdom artifacts dating back to the 15th century BC, including a bronze mirror, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and anklets.

Most artifacts, including bronze statues and sarcophagi, are on display at Saqqara.

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