Anguilla will soften the rules for the entry of foreigners into the country, introduced due to COVID-19

Anguilla will relax the rules for foreigners entering the country due to COVID-19

The Caribbean island of Anguilla will no longer require pre-test results for COVID-19 from vaccinated foreigners. This will happen in less than three weeks.

According to the Anguilla Tourism Board, starting August 8, vaccinated tourists will not need to pre-swim for coronavirus to enter the island. Travelers will only be asked to show proof of their vaccination status before checking in for a flight, and then again upon arrival in Anguilla and nearby Saint Maarten.

In addition, the island will allow entry of the unvaccinated on the condition that they can present a negative result test for COVID-19.

According to the Tourism Board, Anguilla currently requires all visitors to the country to be fully vaccinated. An exception is made only for unvaccinated children under the age of 18, and even then only if they are accompanied by fully vaccinated adults.

Even vaccinated foreigners are now required to present a fresh negative PCR test or a rapid antigen test.< /p>

Anguilla does not require additional testing upon arrival for travelers who have been fully vaccinated within six months or received a booster dose at least 14 days prior to travel. So-called “mixed vaccines” are allowed.

Earlier this year, the Anguilla authorities abolished the mandatory “application for permission to enter the island.” through the online travel portal. It was filled by all foreigners aged 18 and over.

The island has warm comfortable weather all year round, and the peak of the tourist season falls on December-mid-April.

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