American tourist falls into the crater of Mount Vesuvius in Italy

American tourist fell into the crater of Mount Vesuvius in Italy

Last Saturday, the 23-year-old an American tourist stumbled and fell into the crater of Vesuvius, which became famous for a powerful eruption in 79 AD, as a result of which the nearby city of Pompeii was buried under a layer of volcanic ash.

The man climbed to the top along one of the closed paths. As it turned out, he did not have an entrance ticket with him. For information, an adult ticket costs 10 euros today. When the team of volcanological guides noticed the foreigner falling down, he was already “in big trouble.” One of the guides had to be lowered down on a rope about 15 meters (the height of a five-story building).

As a result, the tourist was pulled up and taken to a safe place. Professional rescuers provided him with first aid, treating multiple bruises on his legs, arms and back. Later, the police were called.

Only thanks to the promptness and professionalism of the guides, a human life was saved on Vesuvius last Saturday.

Hiking near active volcanoes is fraught with considerable danger. So, in 2019, a sudden eruption of the White Island volcano occurred in New Zealand, as a result of which more than a dozen people died.

To prevent possible troubles and explore volcanoes as safely as possible, experts recommend using open trails and roads and holding on marked routes, avoid rocks, cracks and steam holes as they can collapse or be slippery. In addition, tourists must wear sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, and sturdy, closed-toed shoes.

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