All-electric passenger plane makes first flight

All-electric passenger plane makes its first flight


Aircraft Alice , which is manufactured by Eviation Aircraft, took off on September 27 from Grant County International Airport in Washington and was in the air for 8 minutes. The flight took place at an altitude of just over 1 000 meters.

Alice can be used to transport goods or people. Capacity — nine passengers and two crew members. The maximum speed is 480 km/h. In the passenger cabin modification, the distance between the seats is 80 cm.

The optimal length of the Alice route is from 240 to 400 km. The aircraft is powered by two magni650 zero-carbon electric propulsion units. It is less noisy and “slightly cheaper to run” according to the company. compared to other light jets or modern turboprops.

Alisa's flight duration is — one hour, it takes about 30 minutes to fully charge.

Eviation said U.S. regional airlines Cape Air and Global Crossing Airlines have placed orders for the aircraft, with DHL Express becoming the company's first cargo customer.

< p>This is not the first all-electric commercial aircraft to take to the air. The pioneer is a six-seat seaplane that flew in Vancouver, Canada in 2019.

Last year, Rolls-Royce began testing today's fastest all-electric aircraft, capable of reaching speeds of over 620 km/h.


And Hawaiian Airlines has invested in electric marine ekranoplans that can be used for flights from island to island.

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