Airlines cause 24% more baggage damage in 2021 than before

In 2021, airlines caused 24% more baggage damage than before

According to a new study by aviation technology company SITA, the number of delayed, damaged, lost or stolen items of luggage has increased by 24 percent. This was facilitated by an increase in the number of international flights. It turns out that a total of 4.35 suitcases per thousand passengers were incorrectly handled worldwide.

The study showed that the vast majority of problem cases with luggage are due to delivery delays — 71 percent. The situation is explained by the growth in the number of long-haul flights with connections — on international routes, the chances of not finding your suitcase on the baggage belt upon arrival are about 4.7 times greater than on domestic routes.

Of all improperly handled baggage in 2021, lost and stolen items account for 6 percent of all problems , while on damaged luggage — 23 percent.

In the event of any problems with luggage, passengers should immediately inform — special Lost and Found racks are usually located directly opposite the conveyor belts. There you will need a baggage receipt, which is issued at check-in and most often glued to the ticket. To expedite the process, it is helpful to have pictures of your suitcases to show to airport staff, and to know the brand, size, and color of each missing item.

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