Airlines are refusing economy class passengers due to lack of staff

Airlines refuse economy class passengers due to lack of staff

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines are forced to artificially limit the number of seats on sale at their “home” flights due to significant personnel shortages at Amsterdam Airport.

In recent weeks, Amsterdam Schipol Airport has experienced major disruption to flight schedules, mainly due to a lack of security personnel. The pace of rehiring of employees laid off during the pandemic has not kept pace with the recovery in traffic.

Interestingly, the airline limits sales only in economy class, but “business” if there are seats, it is ready to be sold until departure.

It comes to the point that Schipol managers advise passengers not to even come to the airport without obtaining consent from the airlines. The latter are forced to delay and cancel more and more flights. The Royal Schipol Group, which manages the airport, infuriated carriers when it asked them to cut their schedules ahead of time as the airport couldn't keep up with demand.

However, Schipol's management says a plan to address the staffing situation is in place. It includes pay increases and benefits for security staff.

But, according to airport officials, passengers are often at fault as they fail to follow safety rules such as fluid restrictions and are sent for additional screening. To reduce delays at security checkpoints, airlines “should reduce the amount of carry-on baggage allowed to passengers.”

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