Airbus terminates contract with Qatar Airways for all remaining A350s

Airbus terminated the contract with Qatar Airways for all remaining A350s

In the middle of last week, it was reported that the manufacturer had canceled the remainder of the undelivered order, which included 19 A350-1000 aircraft intended for entry into the Qatar Airways fleet. and Airbus started at the end of 2021. The airline blamed the manufacturer for flaws in the new A350's paintwork, which led to corrosion and wear on the fuselage surface. Qatar Airways has filed a lawsuit against it seeking up to $600 million in damages. Airbus responded by seeking to cancel another deal for the supply of 50 A321neo aircraft that were to be delivered to the Doha-based carrier.

In April 2022, a court ruled in favor of Airbus regarding the supply of A321neo aircraft. The manufacturer can now legally evade its contractual obligations.

Qatar Airways and Airbus can settle their dispute over the A350 out of court, as there is enough time for this. A three-month trial is scheduled for mid-2023.

Because Qatar Airways refused to accept “defective” A350, the court also allowed Airbus to sell the aircraft to other Airbus customers, arguing that the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has determined: they are absolutely safe to fly.

In mid-June 2022, the EU regulator said: not found no indication that paint or surface damage on Qatar Airways ordered A350s poses a safety hazard.

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