Air Arabia Reports 1H 2022 Results

Air Arabia Reports H1 2022 Results

Air Arabia, the largest low-cost airline in the Middle East and North Africa, reports strong first six months of 2022 as air travel demand recovers.

AED 451 million net income for the first semesterending June 30, 2022. For comparison, 44 million dirhams were earned on this date last year. The airline's turnover for the same period amounted to 2.24 billion dirhams — up 110 percent from last year. From January to June 2022, Air Arabia carried over 5.2 million passengers across five hubs, up 131 percent from last year. The airline's average seat occupancy rate increased by 11 percent to an average of 79 percent.

In the second quarter 2022, Air Arabia posted a net profit of AED 160 million compared to AED 10 million UAE for the same period last year. The company's turnover increased by 125%. From March to June, more than 2.7 million passengers were transported — 195% more than in the same quarter last year. The airline's average seat occupancy rate increased by 13% to 79%. 

The low-cost carrier continued its network expansion strategy by increasing the size of its own fleet, adding new routes and new frequencies in all existing hubs, as well as continuing preparations for the launch of new hubs in Armenia and Pakistan.

In During the first half of the year, Air Arabia added 6 new aircraft to its fleet and expanded its network by launching 16 new routes through its hubs in the UAE, Morocco and Egypt. Air Arabia also unveiled the brand identity for its two latest operations, Fly Arna and Fly Jinnah, in Armenia and Pakistan, respectively. In June, Fly Arna received an operational certificate, and already in July, the carrier celebrated the launch of its operations with direct flights connecting Yerevan with Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt.

In the first half of the year, Air Arabia was named « Airline of the Year at the Air Transport Awards 2022. In March, the carrier won the Four-Star Low Cost Carrier 2022 rating. by APEX — Air Passenger Associations.

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