A trip to the Tsmiakom Gorge for the flowering of rhododendrons

On Sunday, June 11, I went along the next Vladikavkaz route with the club “Your Height” to the flowering of rhododendrons in the Tsmiakom Gorge, in the area of ​​the Zaramagsky reservoir.

Our route ran from the village of Tsmi to the village of Toborza and further, to the ridge, from where a beautiful view of the surroundings opens – the Zaramag reservoir and the gorges of the same name, for example, Mamison, Narskaya hollow, as well as mountains – AdaiKhokh, Tepli and others.

The trip started at 8 am , which could not but rejoice me, because in life I used to wake up much later. There were 28 people plus 2 guides (Kazbek and Emma), and two gazelles.

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