A tourist unsuccessfully landed a drone on the roof of a historic building in Rome

Tourist unsuccessfully landed drone on roof of historical building in Rome

Tourist crashed drone on the roof of a 15th-century building in Rome, famous for having repeatedly spoken there dictator Benito Mussolini. 

A drone from an Argentine tourist crashed into the roof of the historic Palazzo Venezia around 19:00, and this fact was immediately recorded Roman police.

The captain of the Carabinieri said that the tourist probably did not know about the ban on drone flights over Rome and the Vatican, adding that fortunately there were no consequences, no one was injured, and the roof of the Palazzo Venezia was also not damaged . 

After the incident, Italian officials seized the drone, and the owner of the drone now faces criminal prosecution. 

A building located nearby o from the famous Piazza Navona, served for centuries as the residence of popes, cardinals and ambassadors before Mussolini used it to address the assembled crowds. Now the building functions as a museum where tourists can learn about history. 

Drones can take amazing photos and videos, but they are not allowed everywhere. There are a number of rules to be considered in every country. For example, batteries must be removed during shipping in most countries. Throughout Italy — not only in the capital and historical places – citizens cannot launch drones over settlements at night and within a radius of 5 kilometers from the airport.

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