A real bomb of unknown origin washed up on a tourist beach in Hawaii

A real bomb of unknown origin was dropped on a tourist beach in Hawaii

Kahala Beach &mdash ; favorite wedding venue. This white sandy and uncrowded beach is located in the most prestigious area of ​​the Hawaiian island of Oahu, a 15-minute drive from Waikiki and close to the famous 5-star resort of Kahala.

But soon this usually quiet beach may well become the center of not only local but also international attention.

An unidentified bomb-like object was washed ashore and is currently there, under the warm rays of the Hawaiian sun.

The second largest industry Hawaii's industry is the US military industry. Perhaps this is a product of the American military industry. However, Hawaii is also the center of military exercises and espionage activities by countries not very friendly to the US, such as China.

Remote 4 km from any continent, Hawaii remains the most remote island group in the world and the most remote US state .

Authorities have been informed and will investigate shortly. In the meantime, according to reports in the local press, rescuers and the Honolulu police do not restrict access to the beach.

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