A Feast for the Eyes and the Stomach: Where to Eat in Grand Canyon National Park

More than five million people annually take tours to the US to see the Grand Canyon. Fascinating views, ragged clouds, golden sunsets and a thunderstorm going into the desert – it's really worth it. It's hard to underestimate the scale of the Canyon: it took the Colorado River, which gleams in the clay somewhere far below, 6 million years to cut through these rapids in the rocks.

While traveling, walking and trekking in the Grand Canyon area, you will sooner or later be overtaken by hunger. Here is a selection of places where you can have a bite to eat or a complex meal, as well as relax and gain strength for the further road.

What do they eat in Arizona

Cuisine of the state of Arizona – a burning mix of Western culture and Mexican traditions.

Meat is appreciated here and they know how to cook it. It is customary to serve a large green salad or grilled vegetables for the main course. Chili peppers, thick meat sauces, hearty soups – all this is highly appreciated by the people of the Grand Canyon state.

An important symbol of Arizona cuisine – Chimichanga is a deep-fried burrito. An absolute classic – chimichanga with beans and minced meat, but vegetarian versions are becoming increasingly popular. Contrary to popular belief, this type of burrito was not invented in Mexico, but in Arizona.

Light snack (Grab and Go)

Looking for an early breakfast before sunrise in the canyon, or want to break for lunch while cycling? Consider where you can grab a quick bite or grab some food to have a picnic with a view.

Even the smallest fast food establishment will always offer vegetarian or gluten-free options, which are greatly appreciated by those who come on food tours . In addition, in such eateries you can usually find a gift shop, buy warm socks, a raincoat or sunscreen.

➤ Yavapai Coffee Shop

The snack bar at Yavapai Lodge opens at 6am. Here you will find salads and sandwiches, burritos, decent coffee and a variety of pastries for breakfast – fresh bagels and croissants.

Great for a quick bite – You place your order yourself using the photo of the dishes in the kiosk, from which it will immediately go to the kitchen.

Where to look: 11 Yavapai Lodge Road, Grand Canyon Village.

Things to try:

  • roast beef sandwich,
  • chef's salad with turkey, ham and cheese.

Feast for eyes and stomach: where to eat in Grand Canyon National Park

Photo: visitgrandcanyon.com

➤ Canyon Coffee House

The coffee shop opens at 5:30 – this is a great chance to grab a bite to eat and head out to meet the sun. From the very morning you will be offered freshly baked cinnamon rolls or a bagel with curd cheese.

However, you can meet the dawn right here with a cup of good hot coffee – views are excellent. A richer breakfast is served from 6 am. For a boost of energy, opt for a classic spiced sausage burrito.

The coffee shop is located at the Bright Angel Lodge hotel complex on the very edge of the North Rim of the Canyon. You can grab snacks, sandwiches, ready-made lunches in boxes – it's fast and convenient.

Where to find: 9 Village Loop Drive, Grand Canyon Village.

Things to try:

  • breakfast burrito,
  • root beer float.

➤ Hermit Rest's Snack Bar

During the summer months, the cafe opens at 8 am. A good chance to have breakfast in the setting of a hermitage from the first quarter of the 20th century – The house in which the bar is located is over a hundred years old. Inside, the original wooden furniture and a huge fireplace made of boulders have been preserved.

Quiet and secluded place, amazing views – at the exit there are small tables with an excellent view – and a simple quick bite.

Where to look: Western end of Hermit Road.

Things to try:

  • Sandwich with Roast Turkey and American Cheese
  • Homemade Signature Biscuits

A feast for the eyes and the stomach: where to eat in the Grand Canyon National Park

Photo: visitgrandcanyon.com

➤ Deli in the Pines

Secluded place away from others, opens at 6 am. The diner is famous for pizza (you can take a whole or part of it) and ice cream, but be sure to ask what today's dish of the day – here they cook soups and hot chili in a thick sauce.

You can eat here or grab salads and sandwiches to go and watch the sunset.

Where to look: 6225 AZ-67, North Rim, Grand Canyon Lodge.

Things to try:

  • soft ice cream of various varieties,
  • pizza with chorizo ​​sausages.

Food trucks

Food truck – a kitchen on wheels, from the window of which you will be served a conveniently packaged snack. This is a full-fledged and universally recognized component of American cuisine. World-famous chefs try this format and earn Michelin stars with them, and for young and promising chefs, this is a favorite way to try themselves and travel around the country with new projects. If you see such a trailer on the road, do not deny yourself a pit stop.

There are a couple of permanent food trucks in the Grand Canyon area, in the specific weather conditions of the desert and rocks, they can operate only during the warm months.

➤ Fred Harvey Food Truck

A bright red van has the words “In Hospitality Since 1905” written on it. And this is really classic American food on the go: nothing special, ordinary hot dogs, burgers and homemade chips. But it's delicious, simple and convenient if you don't want to go into an establishment and deal with choosing dishes and ordering.

Where to look: between El Tovar and Hopi House hotels.

➤ Sustain Your Hike Food Cart

A nimble golf cart delivers snacks throughout the day: look for a sticker with a picture of a compass and a hiking boot. The driver will be able to offer you a sandwich with tuna, ham or turkey, jerky (jerky), cookies and assorted drinks. Have iced coffee or electrolytes if you're planning a sport or climb.

Where to look:

  • between Hopi House and Verkamp’s Visitor&rsquo ;s Center;
  • at Thunderbird and Kachina Lodge;
  • on the Bright Angel Walking Trail;
  • at the Grand Canyon Train Depot.

Full lunch and dinner

After a long day full of hiking and experiences, indulge in a hearty lunch or dinner. It cannot be said that in the Grand Canyon National Park you will find a restaurant at every turn, but the choice is significant. Decide – a spicy Native American classic or a hearty southern-inspired steak? Maybe a homemade dinner in the style of a classic barbecue or elegant cocktails accompanied by live music? Let's go in search of a suitable place.

➤ Phantom Ranch

A classic ranch with horses at the very bottom of the canyon – already sounds like an adventure, right? It can be reached on foot via the Bright Angel or Kaibab Trail (note that the hike route is not the easiest), by mule from the Grand Canyon South Rim, or by rafting along the Colorado River.

Dinner is served from 17:00. Rate meat dishes – steaks or stewed beef (beef stew) according to an old recipe. Fresh salads are always served with the main course. Especially for Phantom Ranch, the local brewery brews three types of beer.

You can also stay here for the night if you are lucky enough to take a free seat – wild-looking cowboy houses are equipped with amenities. Of particular note are the hearty local breakfasts with homemade pancakes and every egg and bacon dish imaginable.

From here you can send cards to loved ones with a special stamp, mules will deliver it to the nearest post office.

Where to look: North Kaibab Trail, North Rim, landmark – Phantom Ranger Station.

Things to try:

  • New York steak,
  • freshly baked cornbread .

Feast for eyes and stomach: where to eat in Grand Canyon National Park

➤ The Sky View Restaurant

A restaurant with a large observation deck in the form of a suspension bridge, surrounded by rocks on all sides. This place is often visited during photo tours. The views more than compensate for the modest menu.

Here you will be offered American classics – burgers – meat and vegetarian, sandwiches and chicken fingers with french fries and sauces. Large portions and great views of the Canyon, even if you don't get a window seat.

Where to look:808 Eagle Point Road, Peach Springs.

Things to try:

  • chicken tenders,
  • cheeseburger with marbled beef patty.

Feast for eyes and stomach: where to eat in Grand Canyon National Park

Photo: grandcanyonwest.com

➤ Canyon Village Market Place and Deli

Full takeaway lunch – fresh salads and sandwiches. You can sit on a large veranda with local pizza and wings.

The cafe is located at a large market, if you wish, you can buy local hot sauces or souvenirs as a gift, replenish water supplies or buy any tourist ammunition for a sightseeing tour of the Canyon . Around the corner – post office if you ever want to send a postcard.

Where to look:Market Plaza Road, Grand Canyon.

Things to Try:

  • Canyon Breakfast Burrito,
  • Thick Meat Chowder with with southern spices cheese and sour cream (hearty chili).

➤ El Tovar Dining Room

A haute European cuisine restaurant with picturesque views is suitable even for a special occasion. Large selection of fish and poultry, beef stroganoff, steaks, an unusual menu of desserts – creme brulee is served here with the thinnest layer of jalapeno pepper jelly – twist in the classics, so that the guest does not forget about the proximity of Mexico.

A bar, sheathed in dark wood, the atmosphere of an old hotel abandoned somewhere in the mountains – time seems to have stopped here at the beginning of the 20th century. Waiters in white gloves and crispy napkins – an exceptional level of service in the middle of a red desert. Please note that reservations are required, especially during high season.

Where to look: 1 El Tovar Road, Grand Canyon Village.

Must try:

  • signature French Onion Soup – this onion soup has been on the menu for over 70 years,
  • pork chops with apple and jalapeño chutney).

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Photo: grandcanyonlodges.com

➤ Cameron Trading Post and Restaurant

A great chance to taste traditional Navajo Indian cuisine. The portions are really generous, you can order with the expectation of sharing them and trying as many different things as possible.

In the gift shop at the – dream catchers, ceramics and handmade Indian jewelry.

Where to look: 466 North Highway 89, Cameron.

Things to try:

  • Navajo taco – served on homemade frybread,
  • spicy roast beef with meat sauce (Navajo Hot Beef).

➤ Yavapai Tavern

Juicy handmade burgers and pizza, salads and sandwiches. Large selection of beer and a full bar menu. You can sit outside and enjoy the rest after a long walk even in the cold season – the veranda is heated by gas burners.

Where to look: 11 Yavapai Lodge, Grand Canyon Village.

Must try:

  • Elk melt sandwich,
  • large green salad with grilled vegetables and lime vinaigrette (Southwest salad).

Feast for eyes and stomach: where to eat in Grand Canyon National Park

Photo: visitgrandcanyon.com< /p>

➤ Grand Cookout

Big tent in the middle of the desert. Falling twilight and cozily hissing gas lamps – time seems to have stopped here. It is worth taking the author's tour, and a train from the 1920s will bring you here, there is a theater stage, dinner will be accompanied by live music, Native American fairy tales and cowboy-style performances. Classic American food, drinks and seasonal fruits are a welcome addition to this experience.

Where to look:Highway 67, Fredonia, landmark – Grand Canyon Lodge – North Rim.

Things to try:

  • BBQ chicken,
  • brisket – steaked and smoked beef brisket.

➤ Arizona Steakhouse

Here you will find decent aged steaks, poultry or grilled fish, cooked in the best southern traditions. Large selection of salads and sandwiches, on the menu you will find Native American heritage – bright spices, large portions and lots of vegetables.

The bar list consists of local wines and spirits. Good selection of cocktails – basil with cucumber or hot jalapeno pepper can be added to a classic margarita. One of the must-sees on a wine tour.

Where to look: 10 Albright Avenue, Grand Canyon Village.

Things to try:

  • spicy and thick Indian soup (House-made Tortilla Soup),
  • BBQ pork ribs.

< p>Feast for eyes and stomach: where to eat in Grand Canyon National Park

Photo: grandcanyonlodges.com

➤ The Grand Hotel

There are two options for lunch or dinner at the hotel – a good steakhouse and a cozy saloon for aperitifs or a couple of cocktails in the atmosphere of a cozy hunting lodge and accompanied by live music. If you are still looking for a place to stay, keep in mind that there is a 10% discount for hotel guests in the restaurant.

Here you will also find a shop where you can go hunting for unusual souvenirs – be sure to look out for Native American jewelry and knives.

Where to look: 149 State Highway 64, Grand Canyon.

Things to try:

  • Valley of the sun chicken wings
  • pork ribs in signature citrus BBQ sauce (Slow smoked ribs).

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