7 small Greek islands for those who are tired of people and communication

7 small Greek islands for those who are tired of people and communication

  1. Lemnos Island

Looking for peace? You will definitely find it on the island of Lemnos, not far from Thassos. There are beautiful sandy beaches with waves that can satisfy any surfer.

This place is famous for its archaeological sites of Kavirio and Polichni, as well as the Mirina Castle. The Cave of Philoctetes, located nearby, is a great option to learn more about the mythology of the country.

  1. Ithaca

The beaches of Ithaca are distinguished by the purest transparent water, as well as a lot of vegetation that gives shade, that is, they are ideal for those who do not want to be roasted by the bright sun.

There are various types of beaches: both sandy and rocky, open and isolated. Perachori and Anoii are very unique rock formations and definitely worth seeing.

  1. Kastellorizo

Nearby off the Turkish coast, it is one of the most remote and least affected by tourism islands. The village has some interesting sights to visit, such as the Castello Rosso and the 18th century mosque, but the real highlight is the locals.

  1. Skyros

This island is an ideal place with a strong Venetian influence and traditional Aegean architecture. Must-see sights in Skyros: the Venetian castle of Choru, as well as the beaches of Molis and Atsica.

  1. Tilos

An untouched island covered with old stone hills, residential buildings with a unique botanical garden. Tilos is one of the ecological parks of the Dodecanese, a place where there are many rare species of birds and plants.

The island is famous for the fact that the remains of pygmy elephants that lived 4,000 years ago were found here.

  1. Heraclius

It is a small, exceptionally photogenic island between Ios and Naxos, with beautiful turquoise waters and unspoilt scenery.

Heraclia is somewhat more active than the others, and there are plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy, First of all, trekking and hiking. Of the sights, the church of Panagia and the cave of St. John were singled out. Don't miss the famous beaches of Livadi and Agios Georgios.

  1. Kasos

Kassos is a little explored Greek island, located in Karpathos area. This place is not very popular, which makes it even more attractive because there are countless picturesque scenery.

Besides the beautiful beaches, the old port of Bouka and Pangia are worth visiting on Kasos, which are great for hiking.

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