5 reasons why you should travel right now

What reasons to travel are justified? Here are 5 reasons why you should travel now. According to statistics, 77% of the inhabitants of our country have never traveled outside our homeland. And people who have traveled a little further than Turkey, Egypt and the CIS countries – only 17%! Why do so few people want to see and know the world, feel life and expand their horizons? It is not known what people are guided by when they refuse to travel in favor of a fur coat or “plasma”.

1. Travel is the best investment right now!

Now, unfortunately, we have an extremely unstable time in the country. But it is this factor that encourages independent travelers to travel more! Accumulating money in national currency is not the smartest idea right now. Everyone is looking for where to invest and spend money. Some buy equipment, some invest in pyramid schemes, some carefully put everything under the mattress.

5 reasons why you should travel right now

But for me, the best investment in such a situation is an investment in my own memories and impressions. In a year, you will not remember when and how you bought these boots or an iron. But you will definitely remember for many years how you met sunrises on the coast of Cyprus, how you wandered through the narrow winding streets of Istanbul in the rain, how you rode in an amusement park with a wild cry. All these things give much more than any purchase of equipment or clothes. If you want the most profitable investment, you need to start traveling right now.

2. Traveling is freedom!

Every person strives for freedom. We all want to be free in our choice, in our schedule. It is very rare to feel freedom in your daily life. Even people with a free work schedule and freelancers cannot call themselves fully free. We have obligations and needs:

– you need to cook dinner at home,

– you need to meet with customers,

– you need to clean the apartment,

– you need to meet relatives,

– you need to send emails, etc.

Every day we face some sort of obligation that dulls our sense of freedom. When traveling, although for a short period, we feel freedom! We can go to the beach, or we can not go, we are free to choose any cafe where we want to eat and not cook anything, we have no schedule, we completely rely on our desires and choices! This gives the delight that we bring from travel. The feeling of freedom enhances all impressions! If you want to feel and understand freedom, you need to start traveling right now!

3. Traveling is education!

Even having received a red diploma in the field of tourism, you only borrowed the theoretical experience of the same ignorant people who have never traveled abroad, have never encountered hotels, airlines and transfers that they told you about in lectures. But the very first trip abroad will not only open your eyes to the world of tourism, but also show how interesting the world around us is, how much you can learn there. And the first independent trip will give a huge impetus and desire to explore the world.

Traveling is the best school. Here you can learn psychology and sociology by observing different people and their behavior, here you study cultural studies, immersing yourself in different cultures, travel teaches logic and planning, logistics and philosophy.

It is not for nothing that in Western practice graduates go on trips after their studies and before going to work and starting a family. Such an experience fills the gaps in the knowledge of the world after training and helps to understand oneself, test one's strength and understand one's desires.

You don't need to be a tourism specialist to go on a trip. Travel will teach you to be a specialist.

5 reasons why you should travel right now

4. Traveling is not as expensive as you think.

Many people agree that travel is an important part of life, and they are already mentally ready to go to explore the world. But the stereotype stops that traveling is expensive. People begin to collect some amount of money, guided by the thought “Well, now I will collect, for example, a thousand dollars and I will look for where to go.” And it stretches over many years.

You don't have to wait until you collect a huge amount, you can go on a trip with a small amount. Moreover, travel is not as expensive as it is commonly thought.

And finding accommodation is not a problem at all! In addition, some promotions for hotels and apartments are constantly taking place, you can use hospitality services like couchsurfing, and live as a guest for free.

Plus, when planning a trip, we do not pay the entire amount at once. We sort of accept it in installments: first we buy air tickets, after a while we pay for a hotel, then we get a visa, and already during the trip we spend money on food, souvenirs and excursions, which can also be free. Thus, we do not need to immediately give a significant amount, as when buying a tour.

Well, if you do not want to deal with visas, with currency, then you can travel around your own country. We have so many wonderful places in the country that are not much inferior to European sights! Start your travels small, explore your country! Expensive is no longer a reason, start traveling right now!

5. Traveling is now very easy!

One can believe that travel was difficult during the time of Jules Verne and Konyukhov's youth. It was possible to learn the secrets and secrets of travel only from the travelers themselves. There was no Internet yet, no books and manuals either. Then the journey could really be dangerous and become a real adventure of a lifetime, because brave explorers set off almost blindly to conquer new countries and continents.

Now that all the knowledge of the whole world is available to us on the Internet, traveling has become easier than cooking borsch! Thousands of blogs, forums and articles will tell you how to prepare for your trip, where to find tickets, how to apply for a visa. You can find vivid reports, detailed instructions, tips and questions for seasoned travelers. You can virtually visit the city and see how the streets are located, see the galleries of the museum, get directions to the desired point, find fellow travelers and read reviews about hotels, cafes, and excursions. Travel is closer than ever.

You only have a choice: learn every detail and go on a prepared journey, or leave the intrigue and plunge into the unknown!

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