3 secrets on how to save money and not overpay for lunch in Italian catering

3 secrets on how to save money and not overpay for lunch in Italian catering

Great weather, lots of iconic sights, the sea and beaches, and amazing local food — that's why there are always a lot of tourists in Italy. Only here the amounts in restaurant bills often come out more than originally expected. And this does not immediately become clear, because you can buy a ticket for only 50 euros, trains throughout the country cost less than 20 euros, and a bus ticket costs only 1 euro.

So why in Italy food in Italy is more expensive than indicated on the menu?

  1. Coperta

This a fee that is added to your bill every time you sit down at a table in a restaurant.

Usually this is an additional 2-4 euros added to the check for each guest. At the same time, no one is deceiving you.

Coperta — it is, in fact, a payment for the fact that you take a place, use napkins, cutlery and tablecloth, all other things at the table and on the table.

Both tourists and locals pay coperta, and its size you can ask the waiter in advance. Especially if you are inviting a large group. It cannot be more than five euros per person — even in Rome.

Coperta can be avoided by eating at random — with high tables and no seating, or take your food to go and choose the nearest beach, steps, bench in the park.

  1. Café — bar or table?

Italian coffee is known all over the world, it is rich and tasty — real. 

If you just order coffee in Italy, you will most likely get a small espresso — this is the custom in most countries.

If you want a large portion of strong coffee, ask for Café Lungo. Can be served with milk.

Iced coffee — Cafe Freddy. Also, try the incredibly thick and delicious cafe crema coffee.

The reason coffee is on our list is because there are actually two prices for the same drink depending on how you consume it.

If right at the counter, with you will most likely be taken less — no more than 1–2 euros for a regular espresso.

But if you sit down at a table, the price will double and can easily reach four euros — it really depends on the appetite of the particular place.

So if you're trying to save money, enjoy at the bar!

  1. Service charge and tips

Tips, as in many countries, are not required in Italy, but they are welcome.

Often the waiter himself, having brought you a bill for payment, informs , whether a tip or a service charge has already been added.

But if the waiter asks for a tip, make sure it's not on the bill. You may have already been charged for the service.

So, if you really want to save money on your trip, use our tips for your next trip.

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