3 rules of etiquette to always follow on board

3 rules of etiquette to always follow on board an aircraft

First tip concerns the question of who actually “owns” armrests on the middle seat. Everything turned out to be simple here: both armrests are designed for a passenger sitting in the middle. Travel experts support this rule: the passenger who gets the middle seat is the least fortunate, so it is he who should receive a share of the “extra comfort”. never do exercise in the salon. When tilting, squatting, waving arms and legs, it is impossible to avoid that some parts of the body are not millimeters from the passengers sitting in the seats. This creates a nervous atmosphere on board and displeases the neighbors. In general, there is simply no place for active charging on the plane. 

Finally, the third recommendation — never go to the toilet without shoes. Firstly, the floor is always wet there, and often it is not tap water. Why do you need other people's microbes? Well, and secondly, you should not take off your shoes during the flight at all. If only because of the danger of being barefoot in an emergency.

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